Pure Black Nexus One Wallpaper

I recently bought a used Nexus One phone from craigslist. It has an AMOLED screen which uses less battery when displaying black pixels. I’m a bit of a battery Nazi, so I created a pure black wallpaper.

If you’re viewing this post on a Nexus One and would like to use this black wallpaper…

  1. Click here to view the wallpaper image.
  2. Touch and hold on the image until a menu appears.
  3. Choose “Set as wallpaper”.

Edit (1/25/11):
Per Kadin’s suggestion, if you’re viewing this post on a computer, you can use your Nexus One’s barcode scanner with this qr code to get the black background as well.

Here’s how I made the black background.

  1. I googled “nexus one wallpaper resolution” to get the correct dimensions for the Nexus One wallpaper which is 960×800 pixels.
  2. I used Aviary’s online image editor Phoenix to create a 960×800 image with a black background.


To the extent possible under law, Phloating Man has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Pure Black Nexus One Wallpaper.

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4 Responses to Pure Black Nexus One Wallpaper

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  2. Kadin says:

    For ease of getting the file onto a phone, you might want to provide a QR code for people to scan.

    The easiest way I’m aware of would just be to link to http://chart.apis.google.com/chart?cht=qr&chs=100x100&chl=https://phloatingman.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/pure_black_nexus_one_wallpaper_960x800.png

    I just tested that and it worked for me. Thanks for making the file available!

  3. Ben2 says:

    You can change the wallpaper to a smaller resolution. Smallest one that I managed to use as wallpaper is 5×3. Not sure whether this will task N1 by stretching the wallpaper though.

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