Video Tutorial: How To Download Almost Any Streaming Video Using Google Chrome

Edit (2012-12-04, 2:49pm): Updated instructions here.

Here are written instructions with a video demonstration below. The demo is on a Mac, but the process is the same on Windows and Linux using Google Chrome.

  1. Activate “Enable resource tracking” in Google Chrome
  2. Sort the resources by size
  3. Go to the web page that has the video you want to download
  4. Pick the highest quality video available
  5. Copy the largest resource’s request URL
  6. Leave the current page
  7. “Paste and Go” to the copied URL
    • If the video is a .flv, it will download automatically
    • If the video is a .mp4, right-click the video to “Save Video As…”
  8. Check to make sure the whole video downloaded at the size you wanted
    • If you are having trouble playing a .flv file, try using VLC to play it instead.

I’ve tried a bunch of other video download solutions before. Some use a bookmarklet or plugin. Others are websites where you paste in a link, and it gives you the option to download. Some are programs you need to download and install which are not cross platform. When video websites change the way their links are formatted, then these solutions break. You have to wait for the developers to update their software. Sometimes they never do. Also, they don’t have support for lesser known video websites.

I’ve been using the standard Google Chrome browser to download almost any video from any website. It may not be a one click affair, but it has proven to be quite reliable even if the video website changes the formatting of their links. I’ve been able to download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and some other adult oriented websites. The only one that has given me trouble is Hulu. If anyone has a good Hulu downloading solution, please share in the comments. Thanks! Hulu downloading tutorial here.

Here are some good reasons to download the videos you like.

  • You can create a mashup or remix of the downloaded video in a NLE.
  • Sometimes videos get taken down without notice, and you’ll have a backup to mirror.
  • Sometimes the audio of videos are disabled due to copyright, and you’ll still have the original version.
  • You can transfer the video to a portable video player or DVD.
  • I like cover songs performed by YouTube singers. With the downloaded video, I can make an mp3 of their cover and import it into my mp3 player.

Hope you found this helpful! What video download solution do you use?


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39 Responses to Video Tutorial: How To Download Almost Any Streaming Video Using Google Chrome

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  2. John says:

    If you use this on a video that has a longer buffer time, do you have to wait for the video to fully load before you click to download the video?

  3. clauditorium says:

    After I click on Resources, I don’t get that screen asking me to enable resource tracking. Instead, I get… well see for yourself:

    • @clauditorium It looks like the updated versions of Chrome removed this feature. However, streamtransport still works well for downloading streaming videos.

    • clauditorium, I had the same issue. You simply choose the tab “Network” and you refresh the page with the video you want. You sort by size and when the video starts you follow the steps which the tutorial has for “Resources”.

      Basically, instead of using the “Resources” tab you use the “Network” tab, and do exactly the same. It worked for me!

      PS. I am working on Windows environment, if that matters.

      Hope that helps.

  4. guest says:

    @Albertos Sabah: Thanks. That totally help me after hours of trying to get it to work on resources. Any ideas for making the download faster? 8 hours is a long time to wait for a movie.

  5. Aaron says:

    Awesome post! Thanks for the help @Albertos Sabah.

  6. remesh godse says:

    which developer tool u have installed . where can i get that tool

  7. remesh godse says:

    which web developer tool u used . where can i get it ???

  8. Doesn’t work anymore.

  9. Engai says:

    How you download videos from
    For example:

  10. I trying to get the video off of this page:

    when you click “Abril 29” “Ver Ahora”. It doesn’t show up in the network tab, and no other solution works (keep vid, or video download manager, or screen recording, or anything! Its like it doesn’t exist on the page!) Any ideas?

  11. Rockon66 says:

    How do you get to the “Resources” tab when using Windows?

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  13. lrncn84 says:

    thank you for these instructions, really helpful!!

  14. I’ve tried but seems like it can’t help me download videos from naver tv cast either :(
    anw, thank you so much

  15. braineating says:

    It´s a shame that current versions of Firefox are so crappy-crashing-stupid ones cause netvideohunter is just a wonderful mozzilla extension!

  16. Pamalita says:

    I am having trouble with this one that is a Quicktime video. Any ideas?

  17. peace1 says:

    I didn’t find network tab

  18. I have developed an extension for Google Chrome, Grab Any Media.
    Test it and if you have a problem mail me on website.



  19. DavidA says:

    Has Google addressed this so it doesnt work anymore? I used to be able to use this and find the Url and video stream feed easily under the Network tab, but for Youtube videos I no longer seem to be able to find it and am unable to download. Do you know of an updated method? Cheers

  20. MoleChatte says:

    Didn’t work.. Why not use houlo video downloader which is much reliable.

  21. nos says:

    I’m not getting any luck with downloading streams from this site maybe you can take a look at it one of these days. :)

  22. Abc says:

    I wish you could tell us how to enable resource tracking. can’t do a damn thing here.
    It’s frustrating, you google something, then a page comes up and you click it then it gets a view but you don’t get your answer. Why does the internet assume everyone knows how to do stuff.

  23. Maurice says:

    I am using Advanced Chrome Version 54.15.5320.0 under XP and the developer tools has a completely different GUI. Once opened I go to Network>Media but what is usually displayed is a graph only. I have tried Video DownloadHelper, Video Download Professional and Adobe HDS/HLS Video Saver extensions with no success either. Even the VSO Downloader failed. So far the only thing that has worked is the Firefox Flashgot extension in conjunction with Internet Download Manager.

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